'Trichoderma reesei Simmons' details

Name Trichoderma reesei Simmons
Category filamentöse Pilze
BAM number 623
Strain QM 6a
Number of other culture collection ATCC 13631
CBS 383.78
CCM F-560
CMI 045548
DSM 768
IMI 045548
GMO no
Risk group 2
Nutrient media M 129 (PDA), 24°C
Literature Seidl,V., Seibel,C.,Kubicek,C.P.,Schmoll,M.(2009).Sexual development in the industrial workhorse Trichoderma reesei. Mandels,M.,Reese,E.T.(1960).Induction of cellulase in fungi by cellobiose.J.Bacteriol.79: 816-826 Simmons,E.G.(1977).Classification of some cellulase-producing Trichoderma species.Second International Mycological Congress: 618-618
Note isolated from cotton duck shelter; Solomon Islands Ausgeprägte enzymatische Aktivität - Zellulose abbauend.
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