'Penicillium minioluteum' details

Name Penicillium minioluteum
Synonyms Penicillium graditanum
Penicillium purpurogenum
Penicillium samsonii
Talaromyces minioluteus
Category filamentöse Pilze
BAM number 615
Number of other culture collection ATCC 52427
IMI 178519
MUM 9707
GMO no
Risk group 1
Nutrient media M 130 (Czapek-Dox Agar), 23°C
M 90 (Malt Extract Peptone Agar), 23°C
Note Dierckx, 1901 History: S.Barry L1, 1973 CABI
Standard IBRG P13-010 IBRG Fungal Method V1 (September 2013)
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Delivery date 2013-12-12
Date of storage 2018-08-20
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