'Halomonas elongata' details

Name Halomonas elongata
Category Bacteria
BAM number 496
Strain KB16
Number of other culture collection
Genotype ΔtrkA ΔtrkI ΔtrkH
Phenotype Requires 1 mM K+ for growth
GMO yes
Risk group 1
Nutrient media LB (Lysogeny Broth), 5% NaCl + 1 mM Kalium, 30°C
Literature Kraegeloh et al. (2005) J. Bacteriol
Note Parental strain H. elongata DSM 2581T; Kauf auf Anfrage bei karin.schwibbert@bam.de
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Date of storage 2018-02-22
Applikationsversion: 1.16-SNAPSHOT.20230525115022-b5250028f4bbb1466ad8e9cabd475b72e04a88a1