'Stachybotrys chartarum (Ehrenberg : Fries) S. Hughes' details

Name Stachybotrys chartarum (Ehrenberg : Fries) S. Hughes
Synonyms Stachybotrys atra Corda
Category filamentöse Pilze
BAM number 32
Number of other culture collection ATCC 16026
CMI 082021
DSM 2144
IMI 082021
QM 8401
GMO no
Risk group 1
Nutrient media M 189 (Oat Flake Medium), 24ºC
Note Summary and additional information: <- CMI. [QM 8401]. Cotton fabric; United Kingdom. Wall covering adhesive testing, fungus resistance testing of textile. Toxinbildung: Satratoxin G, H, T-2-Toxin, Trichothecene
Standard EN 15457:2007
IBRG P13-010 IBRG Fungal Method V1 (September 2013)
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Delivery date 2005-01-21
Date of storage 2019-09-02
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