'Petriella setifera (A. Schmidt) Curzi' details

Name Petriella setifera (A. Schmidt) Curzi
Category filamentöse Pilze
BAM number 26
Strain EMPA 360, MG 50
Number of other culture collection DSM 10713
GMO no
Risk group 1
Nutrient media M 90 (Malt Extract Peptone Agar), 30°C
Note Summary and additional information: <- EMPA St. Gallen, 360 (Glenospora graphii) <- BAM Berlin, MG 50 <- W. Kerner-Gang. Pine-wood; fungicide treated; Germany, Berlin. Degrades cellulose (6692). Test of wood preservatives (ENV 807).
Standard DIN V ENV 807:2001-12
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Delivery date 2006-07-26
Date of storage 2021-11-16
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