'Aureobasidium melanogenum (Hermanides-Nijhof) Zalar P., Gostincar C., Gunde-Cimerman N.' details

Name Aureobasidium melanogenum (Hermanides-Nijhof) Zalar P., Gostincar C., Gunde-Cimerman N.
Synonyms Aureobasidium pullulans (frühere Bezeichnung)
Category filamentöse Pilze
BAM number 10
Strain Fla F-44
Number of other culture collection ATCC 9348
CBS 621.80
CMI 145194
DSM 2404
IMI 145194
MUCL 19020
QM 309
GMO no
Risk group 1
Nutrient media M 129 (PDA), 24°C
Literature Klausmeier, R. E. (1972). Results of the second interlaboratory experiment in biodeterioration of plastics. Int.Biodeterior.Bull. 8 : 3-7 . Catley, B. J., Hutchinson, A. (1981). Elaboration of pullulan by spheroplasts of Aureobasidium pullulans. Trans.Brit.Mycol.Soc. 76 : 451-456 . Standardization, I. O. f., (1978). ISO 846. Plastics - Determination of behaviour under the action of fungi and bacteria - Evaluation by visual examination or measurement of change in mass or physical properties. Edited by I. O. f. Standardization,
Note Isolated from: army supplies History: <- CMI <- ATCC <- P.B. Marsh F-44 <- W.L. White, Fla F-44 <- G.F. Weber Until 2016 preserved as Aureobasidium pullulans. Produces pullulan (2649). Plastic deterioration. Assay of fungus resistance test (3690).
Standard EN 15457:2007
EN ISO 846:1997 (IEC 68-2-10)
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